Psychotherapy Can Work When Other Treatments Have Failed


Psychotherapy can be incredibly beneficial for a persons mental and emotional well-being. While practitioners take a different approach to the therapy, in our office, we focus on the here and now. We also take into account any past experiences or traumatic events that have influenced the present.

This combined approach is important for helping our patients to reach a better state of being and move forward with life in a positive way.

A comprehensive approach

We find that the best results occur when taking a comprehensive approach to therapy. In our office, this means using a combination of the following:

  • Positive psychology
  • Spiritual psychology
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

Hypnosis is also a possibility

During the therapeutic process, it may be beneficial to incorporate hypnosis. This makes it possible to target the right and left brain hemisphere simultaneously. During hypnosis, it is possible to address the unconscious mind in the right brain. This allows for us to address things a person may not be aware of that are influencing the emotional and mental well-being or decision-making process.

Goals are clearly identified prior to beginning hypnosis and the process is discussed in detail so that if we use it, patients are aware of what to expect. Still, it is not always possible to know everything that will present itself once hypnosis has begun. For this reason, it is important to only undergo hypnosis with a trained therapist as part of an overall treatment, rather than visiting someone who only offers hypnosis.

After all, when it is part of a comprehensive approach, we can address anything we learn during the hypnosis session when a patient is fully aware and able to engage in conversation.

Changing motivations

Psychotherapy can be used to address reasons for motivation and to use persuasion to help a person make positive choices and changes. This can be helpful for anyone who is looking to make major life changes but is unsure of how, or where, to begin. Whether this involves making changes within a relationship, someone's career or even and how one approaches the world, knowing the changes necessary is completely different from knowing how to change. Therapy can help with this process by working to identify and change motivations.

Psychotherapy can work when other treatments fail

Many of the patients to visit our office do so after trying to change on their own or trying other forms of therapy that have not been as successful as they would have liked. We encourage everyone to visit our office and to not give up. When it comes to a person's life, it is always important to continue seeking solutions until one has reached a place of well-being, happiness and satisfaction.

Our comprehensive approach produces results and we are pleased to help our patients to make the improvements that they desire.

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