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According to the research, hypnosis and psychotherapy implemented together to create full and long-lasting changes in your cognition and behavior. Dr. Sorokin effectively applies this innovative approach, which positively affects your right and left hemispheres during the process. This efficient approach makes it possible to resolve or successfully improve such problems as:

Post-traumatic stress disorder; Depression; Migraines; Anxiety; Some aspects of Bipolar Disorder; Stress; Low self-esteem; Being stuck in life; Absence of peace and balance in life; Communication and relational issues; Addictions (smoking, drugs, alcohol); Weight problems; OCD; Grief; Sleep.

Mental health disorders tend to receive an unhealthy stigma for either only being treatable with medication or just something that people make up. The reality is that people with any form of mental illness will best benefit from a mixture of therapy, medicine, and support. At the Center for Emotional Peace, we strive to provide the treatment and support that patients need to begin leading a healthy life. It is important to note that treating a mental health issue is a process and not a problem with a simple solution. In some cases, people can abuse substances, even something like nicotine, to deal with these issues. Thus, the treatment will need to address both the mental health condition and addiction to truly help the patient.

Our Team

Since the treatment for mental health issues involves a process, we will also address the treatment with a team of professionals. From the moment patients walk in the door and throughout the appointments, our team will create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. This way, patients are able to receive the care they need in a setting that makes it easier for them to relax. We will approach the treatment process by considering all factors of the patient’s condition. We will take the time to assess the situation and customize the treatment for each patient. Our team will also provide follow-up care to ensure the patient has all of the support necessary to live a healthier life.
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As a psychologist and addiction psychologist, we provide treatment in the medical fields of psychology, mental health, and addiction psychology treatment. We provide a variety of psychological treatments to address various aspects of one’s well-being including positive psychology, spiritual psychology, adolescent psychology, and counseling. We also offer patients psychotherapy, holistic therapy, hypnotherapy, depression therapy, family therapy, anxiety treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, emotional therapy, weight loss therapy, smoking cessation, ADHD treatment, anger management treatment, PTSD treatment, bipolar disorder treatment and nicotine addiction. We will customize these treatments to the needs of the patient and map out a treatment plan. Since treatment for mental health disorders is a process, we will help our patients every step of the way.
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Patient Information

To begin the treatment process, we will need to gather information on the patient’s medical history, current condition, any allergies and any other pertinent information that we need to know. With this information, we will be able to examine the patient and develop an effective treatment plan. If the patient has a condition that they sought out treatment for at another facility and it did not work, we need to know. This way, we can take all factors into account. To make a treatment truly effective, we need the patient to communicate with us and provide this information. Once we begin the treatment process, we can make any changes as necessary.