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Substance abuse refers to someone who is drinking too much alcohol, misusing prescription medicines and/or taking illegal drugs. Substance abuse is not the same thing as an addition to a drug or illicit substance. Substance abuse is a negative behavior that someone can change using any number of therapies currently available that specifically treat the individual’s problem.

Addiction is a disease, which means that someone’s behavior will not change by behavior modification. Instead, addiction requires an addiction treatment plan in order to address someone’s addiction. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, substance abuse recovery is a process of change that puts a focus on health and wellness. Substance abuse treatment also focuses on helping people strive to reach their full potential in life.

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Substance abuse therapy

Substance abuse therapy offers a number of options for those who are looking for the best substance abuse therapy treatment options in order to help them overcome their substance abuse problem. Substance abuse treatment options can include individual or group counseling, inpatient or outpatient services, medication and more.

Counseling is a large part of treating those who struggle with a substance abuse problem and often include cognitive behavioral therapy, contingency management therapy, motivational enhancement therapy and 12-step facilitation therapy.

How substance abuse therapy can help

Substance abuse therapy can help benefit those who are dealing with substance abuse by giving them the tools they need to face the problems they are experiencing in everyday life. Since substance abuse therapy uses a variety of counseling options that focus specifically on the individual person, we are able to help patients understand their substance abuse triggers.

We also help patients focus on how to resist these triggers when they do come up. Group therapy is often a top substance abuse therapy option since it lets patients know that there are others dealing with the same struggles.

How substance abuse and mental illness can fuel one another

The fact that someone’s depression can lead them to substance abuse makes it necessary for those who have a substance abuse problem to also seek professional assistance for mental illness. When someone is depressed they often look for something that will make them feel better, even if it is only temporary.

This temporary fix does not solve anything and can lead to a deeper depression. The same goes for those who have a substance abuse problem and find themselves experiencing depression, anxiety or other mental illnesses.

Addiction psychologist

An addiction psychologist is someone who focuses on the study of substance abuse and substance use in order to understand why someone behaves the way they do when they have an addiction. Addiction psychologists are critical thinkers who receive the education necessary to understand the many different types of problems that people with an addiction will go through.

Our team of professionals understands how to help patients develop a more positive attitude and remove the stigma attached to those who are struggling with addiction. The overall goal is to help the patient stop their substance abuse and begin living a healthier life.

Smoking cessation

Those who are being treated for a substance abuse problem are more likely to smoke, which acts as a barrier when it comes to improving their overall health. In order for a substance abuse program to work to its fullest, the patient needs to agree to live a healthier lifestyle, which includes not smoking. While smoking cessation interventions can be an essential part of helping people with a substance abuse problem recover fully, it is essential that patients understand why smoking cessation is better able to support a full recovery, as this is shown to help them stop smoking.

Nicotine addiction

When someone is addicted to nicotine or dependent on nicotine it means that they are not able to stop smoking, which means they have a substance abuse problem. According to the American Journal on Addictions, nicotine is an addictive drug that makes it hard to stop smoking and at the same time negatively impacts recovery rates from any other substances that someone may be abusing. Those who have a nicotine addiction may benefit from alternative treatment options like hypnotherapy.

Psychiatric evaluation

A psychiatric evaluation is necessary when someone is seeking treatment for their substance abuse problem, which is an essential part when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of substance abuse problems. A psychiatric evaluation from one of our health professionals will include a large number of questions in order to determine the best treatment options for those who have or think they may have a substance abuse problem.

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