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Contrary to what people may believe, there is a difference between feeling depressed and struggling with depression. Due to this, there is a stigma around depression, mental health and seeking professional treatment. Depression therapy involves a combination of medication, therapy and lifestyle changes that promote recovery and building a healthy mindset.

Depression therapy is offered at Center for Emotional Peace in Highland Park and to people in the surrounding areas. The misconception of what depression therapy may entail is the fuel for the fear that stops people from seeking treatment. However, we can provide customized treatment for each individual patient.

If you are interested in learning more or want to talk with someone about depression therapy, call us and schedule an appointment today.

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Benefits of Professional Depression Therapy

In today’s age of internet searches and availability, it has become easier than ever to self-diagnose and self-treat a condition. Thus, many people will read into self-help books and motivational speeches in an attempt to treat a serious medical condition. Depression will not go away by merely wishing it to. While being motivated to seek a healthier lifestyle and beat depression, professional medical treatment is the only way to achieve a proper solution.

Without professional treatment, there are far too many factors that can hinder one’s chance of healing and finding long-lasting recovery. Depression therapy needs to be professional medical treatment customized to the patient’s needs. Benefits of our depression therapy at Center for Emotional Peace include:

  • A consistent set of appointments
  • Customized treatment to the patient’s needs
  • Learning and implementing effective coping methods to deal with the depression
  • Being prescribed the proper dosage of a medication, if necessary
  • Learning how to build a support network in one’s life
  • A specific focus on the various symptoms the patient is struggling with
  • Symptoms of Depression

    Since each patient is unique, the symptoms will vary per each patient. With that in mind, it is important to add that there are several forms of depression which differentiate the type of treatment a patient will need even more so. Thus, a customized treatment plan is crucial to the recovery process and the patient.

    While there are different forms of depression, there are several signs and symptoms that are common between each of them, including:

  • A constant feeling of depression throughout most of each day
  • Frequent thoughts of suicide and death
  • Regular feelings of worthlessness or guilt
  • A regular lack of energy, fatigue or feeling tired that lasts all day
  • Sudden weight loss or gain without the patient’s effort
  • Difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much
  • A loss of interest or pleasure in once-loved activities
  • Frequent headaches or stomach problems that do not have a cause
  • In general, patients with varying levels of depression will struggle with these symptoms for at least a minimum of two weeks.

    The Therapy Process

    Depression therapy is much more than just talking about one’s depression and experiences. While that will help, the goal is to help the patient find and learn healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with the depression. Since depression can be in relation to other symptoms such as Bipolar I and II disorder, persistent depressive disorder, disruptive mood dysregulation disorder and more, depression is not something to take lightly.

    While medication can help with treatment, relying solely on medication is not an effective treatment method to live a healthy lifestyle. With depression therapy, we can help the patient:

  • Learn how to set realistic life goals and work toward them
  • Learn effective coping mechanisms to deal with problems
  • Identify negative behaviors and beliefs before replacing them with healthy ones
  • Learn how to accept that bad things can happen with healthy behavior
  • Start to build a sense of satisfaction and control in one’s life
  • These are only a few of the goals with depression therapy. We will take the time to go over the problems the patient faces on a daily basis due to this condition. This will help us to identify the areas in a patient’s life that we need to focus on. There are also alternative forms of therapy we can consider for each patient.

    Take the first Step Toward Recovery

    If you are struggling with depression or another mental health issue, give us a call today. You do not have to continue struggling on your own. Along with the initial treatment, we will take the time to help you build an effective plan to continue the treatment practices following treatment. At Center for Emotional Peace, we can help you find a healthy balance to beat the struggle against depression.

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