What is Positive Psychology and How Can it Help Me?

Positive psychology is a unique field of scientific study that focuses on finding out what makes life worth living. It is about focusing on the positive aspects of our humanity and what makes it possible to live a life that is enjoyable, satisfying and rewarding. This science centers on the belief that it is possible to be happy and fulfilled.

Rather than focusing on one's problems and on finding ways to overcome life, we focus on creating a sense of well-being and happiness that makes life better. It is important for patients to be aware of the differences between this approach and traditional therapy. We have found that many people who are not interested in speaking with a "therapist" are interested in improving their life. They just do not know how. This approach can be the answer.

What do scientists believe about positive psychology?

There are several fundamental truths that define this school of thought. They are:

  • Individuals and communities can thrive due to the strength and virtues of people
  • By cultivating the strengths inside ourselves, it is possible to enjoy life, work and create more fulfilling relationships
  • People want to lead lives that are fulfilling and meaningful
  • It is important to focus on positive emotions
  • Positive relationships are a critical part of life
  • It is important to practice mindfulness
  • Connectivity with others is an essential part of our humanity and necessary for living a fulfilling existence
  • By changing a person's mindset, it is possible to change their life

It is also important to practice gratitude

Something we like to remind our patients of is how important it is to be thankful and practice gratitude on a daily basis. There is so much negativity in the world that it becomes far too easy to focus on all the bad things and forget about the positive things that happen on a daily basis.

These range from small things like being able to enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee to major things like being able to take a family vacation or purchasing a new car. Every day there is usually something to be thankful for if someone looks. Sometimes people visit us in the stage of life that is wrought with sadness and difficulty and it is hard for them to notice the good things that are happening around them.

In this situation, we recommend keeping a thankfulness journal. Every time something good happens, pull out a pen and write it down. Document the smallest things like the joy of watching a favorite movie or the fact that a new dinner recipe turned out spectacular. Writing these things down creates a focus on the positive that can truly be transformative.

Positive psychology can transform your life

By focusing on gratitude, joy, connectivity and strength, it is possible to reach a more fulfilling state. It is possible to become happy. To begin your journey toward a more meaningful life, call our office and schedule an appointment to begin experiencing the benefits of positive psychology.

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